International Commitee

At VUC Roskilde we are open to discuss pedagogical themes that might foster a pan-Nordic or pan-European collaboration. I work with an advisory international committee, who will be pleased to organise a brief visit to our school.   

The international committee serves as an advisory board to me, as the Principal of the school, on all issues relating to international activities.

The members are: Deputy Principal Lars Bretlau and senior teachers with special duties; Lis Eilertzen, Jan Larsen and Raino Hansen.

In September 2017 you will find VUC at the ICT meeting in Estonia. If you should be unable to participate, please indicate your interests for a future collaboration in an e- mail to the international coordinator.  We have written a scaleable app (natural sciences), a website with mixed content for e -learning (also languages for the A-level) and we have established a science channel on YouTube.

The scaleable app "VUC bliv klog" was released in May 2017 in Google Store for Denmark and it was paid in part with a governmental grant 2015-2017. The content and programming authors are here.

Dorthe Jensen Lundqvist

If you are interested in being a part of our international network, please contact Dr. Raino Hansen on phone: (+45) 4012 5861 or e-mail here. 

From the left: Raino Hansen, Jan Larsen, Lis Eilertzen and Deputy Principal Lars Bretlau.